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This week's Fargo is much like the Wizard of Oz through the Coen Brothers' lens.

Fargo Season 4 Episode 9 Review East/West

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This FARGO review contains spoilers.

Fargo Season 4 Episode 9

If last week’s Fargo showcased a climactic sh tout at a stop that felt strongly influenced by The Untouchables, “East/West” l ks back even further in film history for motivation. In a not-so-subtle homage to the Wizard of Oz, Fargo goes grayscale and prominently features a small dog and a Kansas tornado, but right here the fortune teller that Dorothy discovers while running away is replaced with a vague billboard, which takes on a deeper and much more ominous meaning by episode end. The most episode that is stylish the season, “East/West” is brief but welcome detour in front of Season 4’s final two episodes.

Though the episode invites comparison to your Wizard of Oz, it’s also profoundly informed by the Coen Brothers’ filmography, more so compared to typical installment. The hour discovers Rabbi and Satchel on the highway, wanting to flee Constant Calamita’s pursuit. Their journey leads them to your Barton Arms’ resort by which they encounter a complete household of colorful characters despite the black colored and white presentation. There’s a chatty Dale Carnegie disciple, an oil that is aspiring on their solution to Texas for a fresh start, and a strange pastor traveling with his mother. The hotel that is whole split right down the middle, an item of deep-seated ideological differences between the set of siblings that own the business enterprise.

The quality guidelines over into being a little t effortful and obvious whenever Rabbi becomes tripped up more than a half-finished billboard across the street from the hotel.