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Tracking Welfare Reform: The Impact of Housing Benefit Reform in London can be obtained through the London Councils' web site. Follow this link.

On 26 June, 2013Chancellor George Osborne delivered the us government's investing Round 2013. The Welfare advantage associated measures include the annotated following:

In addition, a limit of £100bn is supposed to be introduced in the country’s total welfare investing that'll be set each at the Budget for four years and will apply from April 2015 (JSA and the state pension are to be excluded) year. Additionally, from 2015/2016, cold temperatures gas payments will not be payable to people who are now living in countries by having a winter that is average more than the warmest area associated with the UK.

The federal government's investing Round 2013 is available from Click the link.

Reactions to your investing review by NGOs include:

“Seven days is really a long time for you to wait before being caught because of the back-up. This may suggest families who possess dropped on crisis being struggling to consume or warm their domiciles, relying a lot more on meals banking institutions that are currently breaking beneath the stress of demand, or switching to payday lenders. The Chancellor must explain if individuals going inside and out of temporary or low premium work, or on zero-hours agreements, are going to be penalised if their work dries up and additionally they face seven days without any earnings. The doubt this produces for folks in precarious work totally undermines the security Universal Credit is supposed to deliver."