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Just how do we make sure he understands we wouldn't like become buddies with advantages?

Concern published Friday September 4 2009, 11:28 pm

We have this person buddy that i have had a crush on for forever. At long last told him 2 or 3 weeks ago and he managed it interestingly well. We figured since he wasn't interested in me back like that that we would get past it and nothing more would really be said about it.

Well, the finish of final got really weird week. He has got been calling me personally a tad bit more recently but a week ago he began to sound increasingly more, well, intimate in my experience. After all, he began making feedback to me personally about my human body and exactly how We look after my figure. He also went as far as to express just how he previously. er. aspirations of me personally often.

I did not want him never to be my buddy any way more i simply shrugged the commentary down at all like they didn't effect me. Today though was a different tale and i can not really and truly just ignore it. We note that my harmless, "We have a crush that is huge you!" confession will be taken as a hook-up request.