Google Hardware Event Signals Google’s Ambitions Beyond Hardware!

For a company like Google that we all recognize for software, the Oct 4th, 2016 Hardware event marked a shift in what’s going to come in the future. As Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, we are at the seminal moment in computing and that’s why the next great leap cannot be only done with software anymore, it has to be a combination of Hardware and Software interfaced by machine learning and AI. We have all seen how successful Apple is at controlling both hardware and software. Google which initially relied on partnering with hardware vendors or publishing reference hardware specs has decided to go full stack but still keeping most of the hardware specs and software open. This signals the greater ambitions of Google.

Until recently, Google was just virtual but after today it will exist physically in our pockets, on our face, and inside our homes.

It was an impressive suite of hardware released, and frankly I think only Google could do this, because for me it was not the hardware but the way Google has used last 18 years of their learning from Search, Gmail, G-Suite, Maps, Photos, Chrome, YouTube, Voice, Translate, Android and more to learn about humans, things and places and build a machine learning platform that is 93.9% as accurate as humans!

In today’s digital world the weapon is neither hardware nor software as both can be copied or built quickly but it’s the data/information. And Google is by far the leader in this with 70 billion data points available from the web and our Gmails, Gdrives and Photos. Hence, with great machine learning, AI and context aware natural language processing algorithms, only Google is much closer to build a machine that can mimic or even do better than humans.

This means a lot! Don’t be surprised if tomorrow any job which starts by asking “How can I Help” are all replaced by Google assistant!


Google and its Competitors

Every day Google is seeing an increase in its number of competitors. This year alone it has made some new rivals like Amazon by directly pitching Google Home Vs Amazon echo, Allo vs Whatsapp/Facebook messenger, Duo vs Facetime/Skype and today it has definitely raised the intensity of battle with Apple by introducing the Pixel phone to take on iPhone 7 and Google Assistant vs Siri.

Amazon Echo made home assistant hardware popular. Google has taken this to next level by making the whole conversation with a hardware contextual just like how we interact with each other. And with connected devices like Android TV, Chromecast and already built in integration with Maps, Calendar, OpenTable, Uber, OTA, etc, Google Home will solve my daily problems better.

There is already enough written about hardware specs of Pixel vs iPhone 7, but for me, it’s the move of Google to provide unlimited cloud storage to Pixel owners for free that set apart against the iPhone painful “Storage Full” popups. In a way, this shows how Google wants to get every information about us to build a better machine learning and AI tailored to individual needs. I am not sure is this good or bad but one thing is for sure, before the hardware event, Google was for everyone, but from today onward, there is a personalized Google for each one of us!

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Patrick Bocchicchio is a third-year student at Pennsylvania State University studying finance and technology-based entrepreneurship. Pat joined INVAR as an intern in late 2016 and has since transitioned into his new role as Business Development Associate.