``Best camera movement I have seen so far in a 360 film.
``I watched this in VR on a swiveling chair and they way they guide your movement is fantastic!``
``Could be an episode of Black Mirror!``
``By far the most weirdest yet the most coolest looking short film I've seen! I love the direction in terms of using 360 cameras.``
``Good for tonight on the couch.``
``Just used iPhone 5s and it was an amazing experience.``

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Rose Colored - Plot Synopsis

Victoria’s personal AI, Klive is only doing what his program thinks will benefit his user, and that’s his job: to make sure she’s happy.  No matter what.  But deep down, Victoria knows something is amiss. From her perfect boyfriend to her perfect face, everything is just a bit too…..PERFECT.

And when she begins to pull on the stray thread of doubt hanging from the hem of her life, the whole sweater of her existence begins to unravel as well…

Series Vision

ROSE COLORED is the pilot for an anthology VR series about emerging technologies and their impact on our experience of life. It’s a show that dares to ask the question “what if we believed we are empowered to make good choices about how technology is used in our world?”

At the opposite end of the spectrum shows with a cynical, dystopian, and nihilistic glamorization of our plight.

ROSE COLORED is unswerving in its gaze at the hard realities, but unapologetically optimistic in its depiction of what possibilities may occur.

Unafraid to traverse the darkness, but confident of an emergence into the light, ROSE COLORED asserts that hope can endure and love can succeed.


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