The World’s Largest Company Is Getting into Augmented Reality

The World's Largest Company Is Getting into Augmented Reality

What’s next big thing in tech? That’s the question Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is asking and may have just found the answer to: wearable technology. And we’re not talking about the lackluster Apple Watch. We are talking about augmented reality glasses. Here at INVAR, we firmly believe that new technology like augmented reality headsets will become mainstream and drive the technology industry’s growth for years to come. Over time, the smartphone will become obsolete and our children are going to be asking us “How were you able to survive using with that 5-inch box device for so long!?” If any company can help bring on the AR revolution, it’s Apple. We are very excited to see what they have in store during the course of 2017.

Bloomberg broke the news; sources are saying Apple is making a bigger push into AR in the short and long-term. Read the article here


Patrick Bocchicchio is a third-year student at Pennsylvania State University studying finance and technology-based entrepreneurship. Pat joined INVAR as an intern in late 2016 and has since transitioned into his new role as Business Development Associate.