Domestic project

Poisonous Seduction

Genre – History/Thriller

Language – English

Country – USA

Format – Mini docu-series

Based on Farukh (journalist/author) interviews with Charles Sobhraj


Brief Synopsis:

Poisonous seduction is a documentary on the life of the serial killer, Charles Sobhraj. Through interviews, news footage, archival audio and video, and live-action reenactments, this documentary series traces the life of infamous career criminal and serial killer Charles Sobhraj, starting with key moments in his traumatic childhood and his earliest petty crimes across multiple continents and ending with his present-day incarceration in a Nepalese jail. Throughout the documentary, which takes cues from the detective and thriller genres, Sobhraj’s life – his chameleon-like character, his unbelievable transgressions, escalating notoriety in the media, complicated relationships with accomplices and lovers, multiple prison escapes – runs parallel to a larger narrative about global changes connected to postcolonial politics, the Cold War, and most notably the counterculture and hippie movements that lead many western travelers on the Hippie Trail throughout the 70s.