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Project Consultancy

We are also creating vr simulated projects with AI integration and are consistently doing research in virtual reality and augmented reality

INVAR aims to set up studios in the international market. The main aim of these studios will be to provide training facilities in Animation, VFX, Gaming technologies and Virtual Production. With technology being the future, INVAR believes that educating the professionals about the technology is as important as implementing it in our projects

VR Musical Events – Music and VR meet at the interaction of interactivity and experience. Now more than ever music has become an essential part of life, a sort of comfort that takes you away from everything else around you. The cabin fever, an alternative way of living, and a new mode of interaction with the world has placed most us in a sort of trance. VR acts as an immersive platform to break this mold by introducing us to something new. it helps us feel like we are once again at a concert, where we can be social, feel the music in our bodies, and escape from the world for a short period of time. Music and VR brings interaction to a whole new level, no longer must one be stuck in the house with no realistic form of interaction with friends or family. Invar believes that technology is the way forward and we wish to aid this growth by developing VR. The VR musical events are virtual reality concerts that will be hosted on premiere platforms such as the STEAM store and Oculus.