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Rose Colored

INVAR Studio’s critically acclaimed virtual reality film, Rose Colored, has just launched worldwide! After the initial limited release, Rose Colored can now be watched by anyone on any platform or HMD for FREE. Experience the film that Voice of VR podcast’s Kent Bye has named his “favorite narrative VR piece” so far of 2017.

ROSE COLORED is finally here.

Just days after its worldwide release, Rose Colored has been embraced by hundreds of thousands of VR enthusiasts, film buffs and newly introduced fans of VR storytelling.

See what people are saying about Rose Colored:

Kent Bye, Host of Voice of VR Podcast

“My favorite narrative VR piece that I’ve seen so far this year is Rose Colored”

Facebook Fan Comments

“Could be an episode of Black Mirror!” “Best camera movement I have seen so far in a 360 film.” “I watched this in VR on a swiveling chair and they way they guide your movement is fantastic!” “By far the most weirdest yet the most coolest looking short film I’ve seen! I love the direction in terms of using 360 cameras.” “Good for tonight on the couch!” “Just used iPhone 5s and it was an amazing experience.”

The film, a pilot for an upcoming 15-episode series, has been shared by popular news sites and world-renowned social media influencers with over 300k followers and is being featured with AMD at the Sotheby’s Art of Virtual Reality conference in New York City.

When INVAR Studios CEO Elizabeth Koshy and CCO Vincent Edwards first came together in 2016, they set out on a mission to create the best virtual reality content in the industry. Working with award-winning director Adam Cosco, Koshy and Edwards, who both served as producers of the film, began to envision a film that would use virtual reality to tell a story about what the future may hold. The result was ROSE COLORED, a Hollywood-level production born from the question: what does the future hold? Filmed with groundbreaking virtual reality technology, ROSE COLORED immerses viewers in a riveting story about life in a near-future society where technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality are the norm.

In tandem with a thought-provoking story, the virtual experience of ROSE COLORED is unlike any live action VR film you have ever seen. INVAR Studios CEO and Executive Producer of ROSE COLORED Elizabeth Koshy commented, “The talented and up-and-coming filmmakers behind ROSE COLORED are pushing the limits of virtual reality filmmaking with new technology and techniques that will not only immerse the viewer in a new world, but give them a new, exciting experience with VR filmmaking.”

Watching the film is no passive feat – from the very first scene, you will be diving off a high apartment balcony in the point of view of our main character, Victoria, played by talented actress Mariana Novak. Get excited to take the plunge with Victoria, quite literally, as you explore the world of ROSE COLORED right alongside her.

To everyone with a VR headset ranging from the $15 Google Cardboard to the $79 Samsung Gear VR to the $799 HTC VIVE, or anybody new looking to dive into the world of VR with just their phone or computer, get ready, because a new wave of first class VR content is on its way.

On behalf of everyone working tirelessly behind the scenes to make ROSE COLORED the best virtual reality story and experience it can be, we just want to say how excited we are to finally begin releasing great VR content to the world. Virtual reality is on the cusp of becoming the next big platform for filmmaking, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future.

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