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Rose Colored” Wins the 2018 Lumiere Award for Best Live Action VR!

INVAR Studios has won the 2018 Lumiere, Creative Arts Award for Best Live Action VR for “Rose Colored.” The Virtual Reality Industry’s most prestigious award, selected amongst 100 entries, the Lumiere awards are organised by the Advanced Imaging Society and were presented Monday, February 12th at a ceremony in the Steven J. Ross Theater at Warner Brothers Studios.

“Rose Colored” is a 16 minute immersive narrative that tells a ‘Black Mirror’ style sci-fi story of a girl who discovers her lover has been unknowingly augmented in her perception. Produced by INVAR Studios and directed by Adam Cosco in 360 Video, Rose Colored is noted for its high production value, cinematic feel, fluid editing, and compelling storytelling. INVAR Studios is a creative content production company based on a diversified multi platform model, with a particular focus on emerging spaces such as Virtual Reality.

“Virtual Reality represents the ultimate challenge for creative professionals. With this project, we took a risk by executing every element at the highest possible level because we believe that innovation to move this emerging industry forward brings the highest possible reward our company can pursue.” -Elizabeth Koshy, CEO

“As an inveterate optimist, I’m interested in telling sci-fi stories that don’t begin on the timeline that leads to the Matrix future, or the Terminator future. They’re our toys, and I think we can choose more wisely how we use them. I like those kinds of stories.” -Vincent Edwards, CCO

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